Bridgewell College Admissions Counseling

Having spent 10 years in Education and Admissions Counseling and especially enjoying working with families coming from overseas or moving overseas, we have adopted a college counseling process that hopefully alleviates some of the unique stresses that many these high school students and their parents feel toward college preparation, and the college admission process here in the United States. We intentionally set a tone for a collaborative approach, guiding students along with their parents through the college application process by providing the resources and support necessary to discover the colleges or university home that best fit individual needs, passions, experiences, and aspirations.

students on college lawn

High School Course Planning

We work with students and their parents to make a long-term general academic plan for the remainder of the high school years into senior year. We focus on life balance and motivations in regards to future academics, course selection, and extracurriculars.

College Search

We come alongside students to help them initiate and then refine their list of potential college choices, teaching them how to carefully evaluate each college to determine which ones are perhaps uniquely suited to her/him.

Application Strategies

We offer essay and application coaching, enabling students to provide the college admissions office a  genuine understanding of the applicant’s character, strengths, aspirations, and unique experiences which make them a strong admission candidate.

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