Counseling Services

A complete college admissions counseling package would typically include each of the following services. A la carte options are also available. Please contact us for pricing.
To best understand the student’s goals and aspirations we engage the family in a detailed discussion about the student’s academic history, determining the intentions and expectations, and experiences the student has cultivated. Recollections of favorite teachers, subjects, classes, summer and after-school activities help to establish patterns and strengths in academics, extracurriculars, and community relationships.
A confidential review of the student’s academic records and school transcript, most recent report card and/or progress reports, all standardized test scores including the PSAT, AP, ACT, SAT I and/ or SAT II Subject Tests, a copy of any graded written essay or composition, and an informal list of extra-curricular activities (or resume) allows us to help students form unique post-secondary goals.
All aspects of the process are discussed including potential essay topics, letters of recommendation, and standardized test preparation, including which tests should (or should not) be taken. We advise on making effective college visits and information session and tour registration. If a student is arriving from overseas, BridgeWell can help the student create an itinerary and plans for safe overnight stays with university representatives.
After the Initial Consultation and with the Academic review in mind we work with the students and parents to make a long-term general academic plan for the remainder of the high school years into senior year. We focus on life balance and motivations in regards to future academics, course selection, and extracurriculars.
For last semester juniors and for seniors, we come alongside the students to help them initiate and then refine their list of college choices and possible majors, teaching them how to evaluate each college carefully, determining which ones are perhaps uniquely suited to her/him.
Introduction to and an explanation of the FAFSA and CSS profile, and school-specific financial aid documentation clarification is available.
By May 1, National College Decision Day, the student will have the opportunity to make a choice from several college options they successfully pursued. Sometimes the choice is clear, other times some additional research and thoughtful reflection on previous discussions are needed to provide that clarity.

BridgeWell fosters a smooth transition for third culture kids as they prepare for post-secondary studies in the US. We guide families through the college application process by providing the resources and individual support necessary to discover the colleges/university home that best fit individual needs, passions, skills, and aspirations. Please contact us today for a free consultation.